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Remembering How vs. Remembering What

I couldn't remember the article, so I tried to remember the reporter. I couldn't remember the reporter, so I tried to remember the magazine. I couldn't remember the magazine, but I remembered another reporter who wrote for it. I couldn't remember the name of that reporter either, but I remembered a conference she spoke at.

So I found the conference's list of speakers, then found the reporter's name, then found articles she's written, *then* found the magazine I could't remember, THEN found the right month in the archives, and *FINALLY* found the article I was thinking of. 

Research has shown that when we know we'll have access later to a piece of information, we're less likely to remember the information itself, but we're more likely to remember how to find the information. I can't remember where I read that research, but I might be able to find it for you.