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Studying Abroad

I've joined Twitter. You're invited to join me in the experiment (link). I'll be sharing articles on media ecology from various angles.

Now, this . . .
I was at the mall this weekend. That's pretty unusual for me. I just finished reading a book that, among other things, exegetes the mall as a medium, its practices, and its values (more on that in a future post).

The experience felt sociological to me, like a tourist. Walking around, I had a goofy grin on my face. All I needed yet was a digital camera around my neck and comfortable shoes.

Here are some things I overheard while I was visiting.

Reality Check
One high-school guy to his friend: “Why can’t we be born rich? We’d be miserable, sure, but at least we’d be rich. Have a couple of DUIs. . .”

Delayed Gratification
A 20something woman sporting a new bracelet she’d just bought to her entourage of friends: “I’m in love with it. It’s perfect. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted. For a while now.”

Tough Choices
Mom: “Would you consider getting some Star Wars stuff? Otherwise you could totally get more LEGOs. It’s totally up to you.”
10-year-old son: “That’s a hard decision.”
Mom: “It is a hard decision. You can take some time to decide.”
10-year-old son: “Well, maybe I could have both if I get something smaller in the LEGOs . . .”

Me in Urban Outfitters looking at books.
Salesgirl: “Are you doing okay?”
Me: [Nodding]

Black guy into his cell phone: “Yiiiiiieah. 2 for $5. Yiiiiiiieah. Heh heh.”

Failure to communicate, or, Better late than never
20something guy on the second floor of Urban Outfitters to his friend: “I thought you said you wanted to go in here.”
Friend: “I didn’t want to go in here.”

Your mom taught you well