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Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

More Media Ecology Blogs

I continue to comb the Internet for other bloggers who are writing about how technology is shaping the environment we live in. I posted a list about 6 months ago (here), and I've collected a few more since then. Here they are.

Andy Tedd @ CEMP: Tedd posts 2-3 times a month articles he's found relating to "creativity and innovation in the UK media industry." CEMP stands for Center for Excellence in Media Practice, "a research and innovation centre based in the Media School at Bournemouth University."

Brett Oppegaard: Oppegaard teaches at Washington State University and has a more optimistic view of technology as environment.

J Metz's Blog: Metz wrote some good pieces in May on PowerPoint presentations. He has a good grasp on how various media engage audiences differently. For example, reading is a private endeavor that disconnects an audience from the speaker and each other; asking them to read stuff breaks down the relationship.

Rough Type: This is Nicholas Carr's blog. He's been grabbing headlines in the news for his book The Shallows. His posts, for the time being, are really adding new support for the claims in his book.

Steven Berlin Johnson: Johnson wrote Everything Bad is Good for You, which I critiqued in dialogue with Postman on this blog (here). He's an optimist. It's good to hear both sides.

Text Patterns: Alan Jacobs is an author and professor. Apparently, his next book will surround issues of media ecology. He joins the ranks of media ecologists who teach English by day (a la McLuhan, Ong). He's posting articles and bits he's collecting, I'm assuming, in his research for the book.
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