The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Notes from Media Lecture

Wheaton professor Read Schuchardt gave a lecture here at work last week. Here's a few notes I took:

Lee seigel: Art of attention v art of distraction

Narcissus perceives himself to be the other. We project ourselves onto God’s person. We create our own imaginary Jesus.

“Be aware of how unaware it’s [the medium] going to try and make you be.”

Hermaphrodite myth

Interface culture – steven Johnson

Predictable v unpredictable: We disengage when we know what will happen next. With 500 channels on TV, we all know what will happen next.

X-files – all about unrequited love. Science and religion.

“Narcissism metastasizes into solipsism. I’m the main character in my own life, and my iPod is the soundtrack.”

"If you don't worship at the altar of the iPhone, it's the best false God available today."

“Cultural heretic”

Literacy promotes deferred gratification and helps you to focus on the other.

And here are two videos of him speaking at Wheaton last spring.

There are a few more clips on YouTube.