The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

A Community of Weakness

The antithesis to transience is not stability but commitment. For 20somethings, commitment is foreign currency in our economy.

The problem is that where commitment is not sewn, fear springs up. It is a fear of abandonment, and it will drive us inward. We rely on ourselves to meet our own needs because we have quit trust that others will give of themselves.

But we cannot satisfy our own needs. Even as we know our need, we know that we do not have the capacity to fulfill it alone. We need others. When we find them, if we still do not trust them, we use them. We manipulate them to meet our needs. We expend all our energy to achieve this end.

This inward orientation is the opposite of community, and we must fight it. Even as others turn inward we must continue turning outward. As others are full of fear, we must continue trusting even when we are empty and waiting. As others are isolating themselves from community, we must be open to it. As others are taking, we must give.

We choose to wait. We choose to absorb their insults when we refuse to be manipulated. We choose to be drained when they do not give back. The outward orientation of relying on others, of trusting, of opening up, of giving, is a position of weakness. And that is just how God would have it be. A community of weakness.