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Green anomaly?

It seems that most trends or movements or whatever you want to call them have major figures who lead the charge. I suppose it makes sense: People need a personality with whom they can get on board. They need to identify with a person before they can really adopt an idea. We’re relational beings. People like Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Princess Di, Bono, and others have each been those sorts of figures for their causes. Even Jesus is like that. Most great movements in history are attached to a personality.

But I was thinking about how the “greening of America” has developed over the last few years, and how the figures leading that charge aren’t really visible. It seems like a very diffused movement. The most visible figure I could think of is veep Al Gore with his global warming initiatives and movies. But that seems a bit outside the center of the green trend. Global warming is a piece of it, but I don’t see it as the central one. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way, he’s not a dominating figure for the cause as a whole. Are there other figures who are really driving this trend? Why hasn’t the greening trend had a major figure stand out yet? Is it simply that it’s enough of a inner conviction for people that need no outside encouragement to act? Is “green” simply a really marketable commodity that businesses are pushing to sell their wares (think “FlexFuel,” “Hybrids,” recyclable everything)? Is the trend just really good at being organic instead of manufactured (the medium is the message…)?