The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Mission > Leader

Jesus on Leadership is continually coming back to the concept of mission.

Mission isn’t primarily about leadership at all. Mission is bigger than that. It encompasses both leaders and followers. Followers join leaders on the mission. Mission is the purpose or goal or end. Thus, it is also the reason we go do something. Mission is the reason leaders lead and followers follow.

If leaders lead because they like leadership or want its prestige or privilege, there is no mission beyond self-interest; once they have leadership they will have no other compelling mission because they’ve accomplished their mission. If followers follow because they like the leader, they will not move toward the goal unless the leader deflects their attention and points beyond himself (not only in what they say, but how they live and lead). This ongoing deflection diminishes the leader and magnifies the mission. This ongoing deflection will alienate followers who are looking for a leader but not for a mission. A mission will require effort, and many followers will reject it for that reason. Leaders shouldn’t take it personally.

A few things I’m contemplating about leaders:

Leaders follow.
Leaders listen.
Leaders wait.
Leaders trust.
Leaders serve.