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Kill Your Ambition

This morning at work we heard from Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales. He told us the story of its rise and fall, and of his own along with it. His big question was, “What do you do when God gives you your dream and then lets the dream die?” I’ll see if I can post his talk later if you’re interested.

One thing he said is of specific interest to The Second Eclectic though. Within the context of his story of success and then the dying of a dream, he talked about God’s deeper concern with having people who seek Him, even when it means giving up their dream. For him this means, in part, killing your ambition.

To hear this from someone who’s experienced international success in every way, I consider his opinion worth listening to. Not because he’s succeeded (we give successful people way too much credibility), but because he’s speaking from experience.

We continue to press on toward an understanding of Christian ambition.