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judgment v dignity

Christians have often been labeled as judgmental. UnChristian famously backed it up with data (like we needed it). I think the label is right on the money.

It’s complicated when Jesus says, “don’t judge, or you also will be judged” and Paul says, “don’t you know that you will judge all things, even the angels?” What do we make of that?

A lot of people bristle with the hell fire and brimstone preachers preaching judgment for sin and all that. I understand it makes people uncomfortable.

I think the more important issue is figuring out how to affirm the dignity of people even when you emphasize the sinfulness of their sin (effectively calling them “sinners”). These two things seem in conflict, but I don’t think they are. And it’s important too because giving people dignity is an important part of loving them. We’ve created a dichotomy for ourselves: calling sinners sinful or give sinners dignity. But I think it’s a false distinction. We can do both. In fact, I think recognizing brokenness is a way to give a person dignity. Life is hard, sorrow is great, and sin is easy.

But still, I think calling sin what it is and giving dignity to sinners at the same time is a challenge. How can we work it out in real life?