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Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

What's my memory for?, or, Undermining my own blog.

If there’s something I want to remember, I write it down. That’s half the reason this blog is here. If I deem it important enough, I write it on something. That way, I tell myself, there’s no way I’ll forget it.

When I run across a great idea in a book, I generally feel assured that if necessary I can remember the book and return for the quote or idea when I need it. But I often find the book out of reach when I’m in a conversation with someone and the idea or quote is hazy in my head and I can’t pull it up to add to the conversation.

What do I remember though? Well, besides daily routines and daily-used information, I remember movie quotes. I don’t quote a lot of movies, but Tommy Boy is one I find regular use for in conversation. “Use” in a loose sense. It doesn’t add much to the conversation. Actually, I usually get weird looks because it is so non sequitur. It’s me trying to be funny. I’m not really funny by myself. It’s a crutch. It usually bombs.

How strange that I commit useless movie quotes to memory, but important ideas or worthwhile quotes are written down or tucked away in a book on a shelf so that I can use them later. Rather than having something worthwhile to add to the conversation (so earnest!), I defect from the conversation with obscure movie quotes from a dead actor (so ironic!). Those a some priorities….

(If I had time, I would go into how technology has made this memory for useless things possible, but I have more important things to attend to.)