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Dude, you've got a serious magnitude problem

You know that scene in the Gospels where the disciples are ogling at the magnificence of the Temple that Herod had built? And Jesus just sort of sloughs it off, “All right. Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

To this the disciples are like, “what!” That would be a feat wouldn’t it? Wrecking ball to restoration in 3 days. They can hardly imagine it. In their world, destroying something of that magnitude would have taken more than 3 days. It took Herod 46 years of forced labor to build the thing. I envision it something like the pyramids in scope and magnitude.

Of course, Jesus didn’t mean the Temple at all. We all know that. Oh, he just means his body.

That how we think about it too. Oh it’s not the Temple. That would be really hard. It’s just a measly body.

But we’re talking death and resurrection here. We’ve seen buildings rebuilt and houses restored in 7 days (HT: Extreme Makeover Home Edition), but have you seen a doctor resuscitate a body 3 days’ cold? That’s bigger than a Temple or a pyramid. It would be amazing enough to unblind an eye or undeaf an ear after 3 days—you know, something small. But Jesus undeads a whole body. We make the mistake of comparing the size of the Temple and the size of the body. But that’s the wrong kind of magnitude.