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Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

4 elements defining community

Last year I read Shane Hipps’ book The Hidden Power of Electronic Media. Great book, terrible title. He’s made more waves though since he’s published his second book, which I picked up called Flickering Pixels. Not for his book, but for saying,

Community needs to have the following:

1.       A kind of shared history: This helps establish a sense of identity & belonging

2.       Permanence: This is how you get the shared history

3.       Proximity: You have to BE with each other to create meaningful connections

4.       A shared imagination of the future: This is especially important within Christian community

He then goes on to say that blogging, the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, and social networking only accomplish the 4th one, but can’t accomplish the first three. What do you think?

He said this in a webcast interview from Out of Ur. You can find it there.