The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

obedience and blessing

Try to draw a straight line from obedience to God to blessings from God. You can’t do it. For every story in the Bible that sees a humble, obedient servant find favor and blessing from God, there is another story we can point to that sees a humble, obedient servant who suffers and finds no blessing.

Try as we might to figure out the method and means for getting into a place of blessing, to discover the pattern or algorithm for God’s decision to bless some and not others (does he have a “decision tree”?), we will abandon our quest in confusion and entanglements. We cannot discern a pattern. Just look at Jesus’ “pattern” of healing in the Gospel of Mark, there is none.

But this may not be so much that we can’t pin God down or that his ways are that elusive. The reason may in fact be that our world is so twisted, our hearts so bent, that we couldn’t spot a straight line with a 1000-volume systematic theology. It’s not that there isn’t one or that we just need better sight, but that we need new eyes altogether before we might see them.

But, if and when we do get a new pair of eyes to see, we’ll have a new heart to that won’t be bent on getting God to bless us according to our own crooked standards.