The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Have musicians made our lives cliche?

I was listening to Jon Foreman’s summer album last night. On there, he has a song about a river flowing to the ocean, how it flows through our veins, and he apparently can see it “deep in your eyes.”

For Foreman, I felt like this was the most cliché song, I’d heard of his. He manages to pull it off but just barely. Then I wondered, have musicians, as plentiful as they are in modern America, made our lives cliché? With such an overabundance of them, bleeding dry every metaphor for life (trees, rivers, oceans), made all our experiences clichés?

Yes, sometimes I feel like there’s a horizon in my chest and sometimes I feel like I could put my arms around the ocean, but so do half the musicians singing their songs. Has all this art that glories in life’s particulars made every particular a universal and every good metaphor a cliché?