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Towels and Socks

I'm starting this month documenting all the good causes I'm asked to give to or exposed to that I could support in some way. I'd bet that each day there's some good cause I'm tapped to support somehow.

I took off early from work today to go to a David Crowder Band concert at the House of Blues in downtown Chicago. The venue was awesome and the concert was sold out.

What I hadn't heard was that they were taking donations for a local homeless shelter. DCB apparently contacted local shelters in the city of each stop on the tour and asked them what they need most. They learned quickly: "Towels and socks." Apparently, these two items are essentials for any homeless. So simple and basic. So much so that it seems surprising to me, and I think to many people as well. But sometimes meeting basic needs is what it's all about.

Some other good causes links: Breakthrough Urban Ministries, By the Hand for kids, CCDA, Mission Year, Ethical Purchasing, Fair Trade.