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Habitat for Humanity

One of my favorite bands is known as Switchfoot. In October, I went to see them on their "Appetite for Construction" tour. With this tour, $1 of every ticket went to Habitat for Humanity, the well-known good cause started by President Jimmy Carter.

At the concert, Switchfoot, along with their two opening bands, performed a song called, "Rebuild." The song is available for download, and Jon Foreman, Switchfoot's lead singer, sent an email letting fans know about it. He gave a little back story on the growing meaning of the song.

"This summer, Matt Thiessen and I began to write a song specifically for our
fall tour . . . Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and both bands parted ways and
drove on down the road. Hours later his bus burned down. After the flames died
down, the song and the tour had a much deeper meaning. Now, as our hometown of
San Diego recovers from the worst fires we've ever been through, this song has a
deeper meaning still."

For the song, Switchfoot is asking its fans to give time or money to Habitat for Humanity.