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Campbell's Soup for Breast Cancer

UPS has cornered the market on the color brown. Apple has made white the color of choice for their products. Other companies are attempting similar monotone takeovers. Meanwhile, pink is taken. Breast cancer has successfully made pink synonymous with breast cancer awareness. So much so that when I saw stacks of Campbell's Tomato soup and Chicken Noodle soup with pink labels at the grocery last night, it was intuitive that buying those soup cans would support breast cancer in some way.

Sure enough, on the label it reads "Join the Fight. Your purchase of this can will help Campbell make a donation in support of breast cancer awareness. Together we can make a difference."

Apparently supporting good causes is good business these days too. Or at least supporting breast cancer is. I'm encouraged by this trend, seeing big businesses support good causes and seeing consumers support businesses supporting good causes. It tells me that consumers are serious about doing good, supporting good causes, and being concerned beyond themselves. Whether businesses see it as good business, good PR, or just good, I don't know. Campbell's doubled their sales with these pink cans. My hope is that those additional proceeds do fund breast cancer research and awareness, so I'm stifling the cynic and supporting what good there is here.