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American Red Cross

I've given blood once. I've had blood drawn more than that, but I think I've only donated once, back in college. Since I started (b)logging good causes, this poster has been posted on the bulletin board by the elevators on my apartment floor. It's been there for a few weeks now, staring me in the face while I was waiting for the elevator. I'd gotten so used to seeing it there that I'd stopped noticing it. You know how that is.

The tagline reads, "The Gift of Life Runs Through You. Give Blood." I like this line. It reminds me of a line in the Jewish holy Scriptures where Yahweh forbids the Jews from eating something with the blood still in it because "the life of the animal is in the blood." It's a beautiful and profound statement to me.

I noticed the poster this morning, I guess, because I started (b)logging these good causes and have a heightened awareness for them now. As I write this, I notice that that the scheduled blood drive is right now; 11:30a-4p.

My roommate told me that they needed at least 20 donors, but only 10 had signed up, so the blood drive was cancelled. I suppose cancellations are more common than we might expect. I would bet that the Red Cross overschedules their blood drives because the number of cancellations is pretty predictable. And that's only because we humans are a predictable bunch.

If you want to give a little part of your life, here's the web site listed on the poster by the elevators in my apartment: