The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other
August has been a busy month for me. Longer hours at work, stress manifesting itself in new ways. All fine and good though; I'm happy to be busy and enjoy my work.

School's starting up again. Not for me, but for the kids and the teachers. The yellow buses are wandering around the suburbs; the teachers are lamenting their loss of freedom.

Fall's around the corner. Friday night football. Colors.

I'm moving into a new place this weekend. A year comes to a close with my sister and her husband. They are soon welcoming a new ray of sunshine who will make the winter bearable in my place. I embark on a new adventure, a bittersweet excitement. New patterns and habits, starting over again.

I don't know what's to become of this blog. I've imagined heading in some new directions with it. Not sure though. Thanks to the few who have noticed its vacancy. The neon sign seems to be on the blink. Only time will tell if this motel is shut down altogether.