The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

From Louie to Ralph (Part Deux)

I mentioned earlier that this information fit nicely into my current schemata (plural for schema, meaning "mental category"). If you’ve been reading, you know that I’ve spent any number of posts on meaning, forms of language, and the harnessing the power of language to communicate meaning.

Until recently, I have predominately sought to disseminate information, grasp logic, and do all the things a left-brained person does. But, perhaps because I know I’m not as good as some at doing that, I’ve been making a transition toward more right-brained processes. I’ve also come to understand that our culture values left-brained processes less and right-brained processes more. That is to say, we are in a search for meaning and relevance more than truth and certainty in these days.

And while I would not throw out any of these things, I too resonate with this shift. One has a greater power to change us. The other is simply information. Of course, both are necessary components. (That’s another blog post).

A Whole New Mind comes just at the right time then. I’d run across the book maybe a year and a half ago, but didn’t want to buy the hardcover. Now, it has come out in paperback at just the right time. Do you ever have that happen? My brother-in-law recently told me how he’d started reading a book 2 years ago but got busy and dropped it. Having just finished it, he said it was more relevant and meaningful now than had he read it then—he was ripe and ready to hear its words. In the same way, A Whole New Mind is giving me words to thoughts I’d already been having. That’s the best time to read a book.

I’m moving from left to right. From analysis, sequences, and text to synthesis, simultaneity, and context. I’m moving from words to pictures by using evocative language instead of technical language. I’m moving from communicating information that is true to communicating meaning that is true. And just as both hemispheres of the brain connected together (A Whole ... Mind) are essential to a well-functioning brain, both meaning and truth must have a corpus collosum of nerves binding the two together. Without either one, we have, at best, half an understanding.