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You're a Liar

Turns out, we couldn't keep the 9th commandment even if we wanted to. Apparently, it's innate for humans to lie. The guilt just keeps piling up.

Here's an excerpt from this article:

In one experiment, Feldman [the researcher] put two strangers in a
room together. They were videotaped while they conversed. Later, independently,
each was asked to view the tape and identify anything they had said that was not
entirely accurate.

Rather than defining what counts as a lie and to avoid the moral tone
of the word "lie," Feldman's experimenters simply asked subjects after the fact
to identify anything they had said in the video that was "not entirely

Initially, "Each subject said, 'Oh, I was entirely accurate,'" Feldman
told LiveScience. Upon watching themselves on video, subjects were genuinely
surprised to discover they had said something inaccurate. The lies ranged from
pretending to like someone they actually disliked to falsely claiming to be the
star of a rock band.

"People almost lie reflexively," Feldman says. "They don't think about
it as part of their normal social discourse." But it is, the research