The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Nailing It.

I think in paragraphs.

You know how when you have these thoughts and ideas in your head and you go and try to put them into words they don't really come out all that well. Sometimes you really nail it in a single sentence, but other times you have to come at it from a bunch of different angles and even then you don't feel like you've really expressed yourself.

I was having a conversation with friends a few weeks ago and this type of thing happened. Then I was trying to explain how I don't always think using specific words or coherent sentences, just in general collections of incomplete phrases and keywords that have no coordinating conjunctions or prepositional phrases.

Maybe some people think in images or pictures, but I decided I think in paragraphs.

And now the irony hits me: that's a single, coherent sentence. But like I said, sometimes you really nail it.