The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Happy 1

I'm one blogyear old today. "They" say that most blogs are abandoned with 3 months of their inception. I'm glad to be "above average." Reflecting on the past year, I thought I would recite some blogs that have been popular and among my favorites. And if you've actually read enough to have some favorites I would love to know. Thanks for hanging around. 20 more years and we'll celebrate with some champagne!

A Quick-&-Dirty Guide to Christian(y) Music - Far and away my most-read post, besides The Secret Message of Jesus Review - Part IV.

The Difference Between God and Recycling - I recieved a coveted com[pli]ment on this post.

Organic Attraction and Engineering Eternity were two related posts from early on that I am proud of.

It's Haiku Time had two poems that I am proud of. A little humor to disarm; a little truth to make you go "hmm."

Clark Griswold would be proud just because it's so unbelieveable.

Charlie Brown weighs in because I like Charlie Brown.