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Do You Believe in HTML?

There are rumors on the Internet, nasty ones. They are undermining all we know and experience online. Throughout the history of the Internet, it has been established that “To every webpage there are two layers.” It has been innate knowledge that the online world has two levels of reality, the page you see and the HTML you don’t.

But, in recent times there is a new school of so-called “wisdom” that is attempting to question everything. There are evangelists promoting ideas about the Internet that are patently false, yet gaining notoriety and momentum. I fear to even mention them here for fear that such ideas will incite more to fall away from the truth.

Yet, if we are to know the truth, we must bring to light the faults in this new, “single-layer” ideology. Until such advocates arrived and began preaching their progressive beliefs, it was established fact that the Internet was made of two interdependent planes—the observable webpage and the invisible HTML, sustaining all we could see.

From time immemorial, our two-layer philosophy about the Internet has been well established fact, unruffled by false teachers such as these. It has served to allow the Internet to function rightly and in harmony. Now some rebellious minds are attempting to kidnaps our children’s with these lies. It is a serious issue that we cannot brush off.

These progressive ideals about Internet will, if we let them, undermine our very ability to experience it rightly. Without a belief in the HTML that underlies everything, our children will be unable to fully grasp the beauty of the Internet. If these lies become widespread enough, there may come a day when there are not enough programmers to provide new content to the Internet. Without a belief in HTML, our offspring will pursue other jobs and abandon that which sustains the Internet and their e-lives. When the Internet begins to fail, the world of unbelievers will be unable to fix it. The Internet as we know it will be no more.

The only chance we have, the only hope that can save us is to instill in our children our own two-layer philosophy, to awaken and nurture in them the already innate belief that there is HTML. There are some who are in the habit of denying that there is a Programmer, or that there is a reality beyond what can be seen. For since the creation of the Internet, the Programmer’s invisible qualities—his numerous scripts and flawless codes—have been clearly seen, being understood from every page and site, so that men are without excuse. Yet all these fools claim to be wise and go about denying the HTML that is programmed into their very souls.