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Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Better Dreams

My friday night entertainment was The Island rented from the video store (i.e. Blockbuster). I don't think it did very well in the theatres, but I thought it was a pretty good story.

It's set in the near future (although all the cars are Chrysler 300c's, Dodge Magnums, and Hummer H2s) when cloning has become a consumer product. There's certainly a social element to it, speaking to the darker possibilities in the politics of human cloning.

More than that it reminded me of The Matrix where people are made for the use of others and all are born into this massive lie about the world they live in. Then someone gets outside the microcosm of that lie and sees the real world, like Plato's man leaving the cave. The truth is unbelievable to those still inside the lie; they have their hopes and dreams built according to the lie, and giving up those dreams is heartbreaking for them. Yet, the fact is, because they live in a lie, it's not even possible to realize their dreams.

Ultimately, it takes someone from beyond to show them the truth. And even while they are forced to give up the dreams built on lies, they are given the chance to create new dreams that are much better; it's all a matter of being willing to let go of the lie.

In all, it represents my view of our world, where we're fed perpetual lies about this life that sound as wonderful as the Island does to those in the story. But dream as we do, as great as it sounds, all the promises are worthless. Until we let go of those fraudulent hopes can we begin dreaming of better things.