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Thinking like Hollywood (part two)

So, Hollywood, in its twisted and influential microcosm, espouses its own set of values, many of which are distributed in the guise of entertainment. These values are persistently pushed despite the financial irony.

Still, Hollywood serves to entertain the remainder of Americans. While they may have ideologically divergent views, Hollywood is still subject to the "limited" and "unliberated" preferences of the majority. The masses fail to recognize that they truly do have a say about what Hollywood puts on the screen. While making money clearly isn't their only goal, it still plays a significant role.

But in the end, the awards ceremonies reveal much about the values of the Hollywood minority--if it is even large enough to call it that. Even while movies fall flat financially, they garner award after award and are hailed in words that all sound the same. Critics say their piece, to make money. And advertisers select them, cut and splice them, and tack them onto a film, to make money.

Currently the movie du jour (and there is always another day of movies) is Brokeback Mountain. It's called "groundbreaking," like half of the other movies this year will be. It has recieved more attention for its content than its quality. Apparently, it has already awards to tout.

But will it make money? The public has spoken its piece: a paltry $22.5 M as of two days ago, with 2 weekends down in limited release. (Why limited release? The distributors know that expanding it nationwide would decrease profit margins. It would flop in smaller markets.) Yet, it's leading nominations lists for the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Oscars--all three major self-congratulatory ceremonies.

Why the discrepancy between public interest and Hollywood's awards?

It's ideology.

Hollywood and its proponents will have you believe that you have no concept of what "real art" is. But this is a ploy. The fact is that the twisted microcosmic ghetto called "Hollywood" runs on an ideology that isn't even wholly driven by cash.

Rather, they are seeking to use awards, praise, honor, and recognition to condone what's already happening behind closed doors. They're seeking to espouse and legitimize Janet Jackson's mishap and free sexuality of all kinds. They're seeking to justify a life dominated by uninhibited desire.

They're using awards ceremonies to do it.