The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other


Some have been asking about the results of my little experiment. I somewhat embarrassed to post them. Not because they haven't been good, they have! Rather, my previous numbers aren't too impressive. And the fact is that most of the increased hits are simply the result of misguided technorati searches.

As you can see though, there has been a near 10-fold increase in pageloads. There has been a 6 to 9-fold increase in hits. I guess that is good growth and great results.

I've been getting a lot of hits from Technorati, but also from Google. The searches that have produced hits have been Fabiana Bertoldi (far and away the biggest), Du Bist Deutschland (which I guess means "You are Germany"), and Klowand.

These all sound German to me, so maybe Technorati is big in Germany or something.