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Pam, PETA, and KFC

They used to claim, "We do chicken right!" But apparently Pamela Anderson, in her deep convictions for ethics, believes that KFC doesn't. The busty blonde herself is campaigning for the removal of the Colonel's own bust from the Kentucky State Capitol.

Ahh, the irony.

The former Playboy Playmate turned PETA advocate has devoted herself to the high moral road against animal cruelty, believing that animals have a right to life. (That's more than we could say for Terry Schiavo, apparently.) PETA touts a worldwide membership of 850,000; that number is dwarfed by the number that have seen Miss February in her element.

Ms. Anderson is not new to the rights-advocacy front. Before turning to animal rights, she was helping humans to exercise their own rights in matters of free speech. But that was another white meat altogether.

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