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Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

How to Believe in Yourself

We are the products of evolution.

I'm reading a book called Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave. Sort of a mouthful but a pretty decent book. In it author David Breese fleshes out a logical progression of ideas stemming from an evolutionary presupposition. It certainly helps me to understand that mindset. I see its results often.

1. We know that we are here because of an evolutionary process. Darwin taught us this, and evolution has now become a fact of life for us all.

2. Since the body of man has evolved, we must also presume that the brain, the mind of man, has evolved as well, moving from the simple to the complex.

3. Since the mind of man has evolved, his ideas, his concepts, his understanding of things have also evolved, that is, matured.

4. If the ideas of man have evolved, has not also our idea of God properly evolved? We used to think of God as a vindictive, judgmental, frowning ruler of the universe. Now we know Him as a God of love.

5. Because God is a god of love, we must do away with the archaic concept of original sin. Sin is not a violation of the law of an offended God. God cannot be offended. Therefore, we must see sin as lack of maturity, lack of enlightenment, lack of proper evaluation on our part.

6. As a solution to the problems of mankind, then, must we not hold to salvation by education? Man does not need forgiveness and redemption; he needs enlightenment. He has a spark of divine creativity within him that only needs to be fanned into a new flame.

7. In the pursuit of this program of the enlightenment of man as a way of salvation, we will do away with the cold, ugly activities of war, hatred, famine, and the like.

Certainly, one result is a new religious liberalism that reinterprets the Christian Scriptures by subjecting them to a more highly evolved knowledge.

The idea of the survival of the fittest has shouldered each individual with the conviction that he is the "fittest" simply by being born. This has contributed to the once unthinkable idea that you can determine your own destiny. (An idea that began earlier but found a logical foundation in evolution.) Hence the rugged individualism of Americans who have swallowed Darwin hook, line, and sinker.

This has also contibuted to honoring man for his genetic accomplishment of surviving. Man's intrinsic value is found in evolution's survival principle. Of course, orthodox Christian beliefs argue that man's intrinsic value is based on his likeness to God, but apparently that's too dull for evolutionists. They'd rather say it's the result of deterministic forces in the universe.

I have meaning in my life...Thanks Evolution!