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Frightening, but Good

In Dover, Intelligent Design is so 2005. But the controversy is far from gone. It continues to brew. ID continues to gain momentum within the science community. I maintain that it will reach a critical mass and then tip.

An avowed nonreligious novelist, Kurt Vonnegut, of Slaughterhouse V fame, raised the issue on NPR. I found out about it on the Intelligent Design website, which also led me to a list of Evolutionary skeptics. This isn't your run-of-the-mill Joe Blogger, with an opinion on everything and no education to back it up (like yours truly). These are over 400 PhD level professors at every major college and university in the country! I was proud to see profs from my alma mater listed.

Truly, just like Boo Radley, everyone wants to see it, and it might just arrive in the nick of time.