The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other


Unless you become a "blog of note" on Blogger, the likelihood that you will increase traffic to your blog is negligible.

So, I decided to try an underhanded but overt attempt at attracting people to my blog. Technorati lists hot searches each hour. I decided to simply post those words on my sight and see what happens.

I don't expect people to want to come back. But, in part I'm simply testing Technorati to see how valid it is.

Sorry to those who feel duped. I have no good excuse. It's just an experiment.

1. “Du Bist Deutschland”
2. Ipod
3. “West Wing”
4. Apple
5. Klowand
6. “Kobe Bryant”
7. Steelers
8. Iran
9. “Brokeback Mountain”
10. “Fabiana Bertoldi”
11. Seahawks
12. Bush
13. “Jack Bauer”
14. Ford
15. Podcast