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Dilemma for the Evolving Mind

If evolution is true, and survival of the fittest is the means by which fit genetic predispositions are passed on, are we doing evolution a disservice by treating individuals suffering from illnesses that evolution would otherwise eliminate? Is our moral conscience ruining us?

If survival of the fittest actually eliminates those with weaker genes, then it can do a better, more thorough weeding out of unhealthy people than any university medical research center can. So shouldn't we just let them die? Perhaps, we should instead be helping it along. We're doing evolving humanity a disservice by keeping unhealthy people alive longer so that they can procreate and pass on poor genes. We're doing our offspring a great injustice, something that we should rectify immediately since evolution has enlightened us.

The moral dilemma is real. If we believe in evolution, we should severely restrict and reduce medical services. It is simply letting ugly sick people reproduce. Altogether, not a nice thought.

Other philosophies aren't faced with this moral problem. I would recommend checking into them. While you do, I'm going to go get some Advil for my bad back.