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Your Contradictions are Showing

I don't understand how someone can choose a single witty quote to be the header on their blog. They happen upon this single profound idea and make it their flagship. Don't get me wrong, I love witty quotes that encapsulate profound truths in meager words, but I cannot confine myself to such limitations.

There is no single thing that can encompass any man, except himself.

I'll just let that self-refuting sentence stand alone. But it's true. Each of us is a collection of things that don't mix, like oil and water. I like tradition, but I refuse to let the history of my beliefs define or confine me. I cherish the past, but I feel driven toward some future unknown. Of the three cars I've owned (sort of), 100% of them have been red. But I really like all different colors. I like diverse opinions and people, but I hang out with people mostly like me. I'm willing to try new foods, but I prefer pizza with just pepperoni. I love being at home, but I would like to travel the world.

"People are normal until you get to know them." I guess what I'm saying is that we're all full of contradictions. It's funny 'cause somehow we expect that other people won't be, and we like to point out when they are. And naturally people don't like to have that pointed out to them.

So why do we value consistency? Is it the predictability of it and the sense of control we feel? Is it that we naturally seek order amid chaos? Is it that we have descended from order, and seek to regain it, like Milton's Paradise?