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It's Haiku Time!

So, now that you're a tanka pro, it's time to try your hand at haiku! Haiku is pronounced "high coup." It's just like a tanka, minus the last two lines. If you've forgotten the tanka format, hit your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you over the head with a tack hammer...

Haiku's are the best because they're short, so you can write one in under a minute. Generally there about nature or something seasonal, but you can only write about an oak tree so many times. Here are two examples to inspire you. Then post your muse-inspired poems for everyone to see. We'll judge you and criticize them and make you feel insecure, then.

laying on the floor
in my white-walled cubicle
why all the padding?

a dry riverbed
dust, drought, brown, like the red sea
once their feet got wet

Your turn!

(Disclaimer: The cynicism expressed here is not necessarily the intent of the author. Sometimes he says things that aren't politically correct. The whole "tack hammer" bit is just a empty threat and an allusion to an old movie starring a dead actor. The whole judgmental criticism thing simply reflects an honest view of how mean people can be sometimes. If you have been offended by any content on this blog, it is completely unintentional; any resemblance of an offense perceived or actual is wholly coincidental and should not be misconstrued, extracted from context, or deconstructed as such without the expresse and written consent of the blogger, or some identity thief posing as the blogger for some, as yet undetermined, personal, but more assuredly glorious and beneficial, gain.)