The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Thoughts and Reasons, Part Two

Hey 2e--good to hear from an alum, no less.
I haven't done much class visiting lately, though I did it quite a bit
once in awhile. Always fun.

Thanks for your thoughts. I guess our only potential disagreement would be over "faith" that scientists have. In my understanding, scientists try very hard to avoid believing what they can't prove, or what hasn't yet been mostly proven, given probabilities. Religionists, on the other hand, rely on faith almost completely, and have no faith that scientists can tell them much about what matters most to them--the spiritual realm. That's why the two can't and shouldn't meet. What do scientists have faith in, I must ask, as scientists. (Of course, they can also be religionists--but not while in the lab.)