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Rebelling Against Religion

I'm commenting on this article.

I'm sorry, but I don't see how the influence of a religion can be such a negative in politics. This religion, and many others, advocate ideas like justice, truth, love, peace, and honesty. I think politics and our country could sure use some of that. Seriously, the separation of church and state was never a matter of the church imposing on the state, rather it was intended to work the other way around.

It makes sense if you think about it. One the issues our founding fathers had with England, one of the reasons the Puritans and Quakers sought out this land, was to practice their beliefs freely. England's government endorsed a single religion, a la the Church of England, and suppressed other forms and freedoms of religion.

Hmm, sounds distictly like what Mr. Danforth is advocating.

Virtues pervade the minds of the every thinking person and the mission of every company and the tenets of every organization in this country. Some support favorable tobacco legislation, gun legislation, or pro-abortion legislation. Every contigency and special rights group lobbies for their own virtues and beliefs. The religion mentioned here, and others, are advocating and lobbying for justice, peace, and truth. Does anyone raise objection to that? To take religion out of politics, the classroom, the pledge, and whatever else, is to object to such tenets. And to argue that removing religion's influence on our lives in the name of some higher authority of peace and justice is to affirm a belief system very much like religion all the same.