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From a Guy's Point of View

Okay, Ladies. I'm going to provide you with a small, but tangible, insight about guys. I, being a guy, am qualified to describe this.

If you don't already, you should know that guys are visually-oriented. In other words, getting a guy's attention is as easy as dressing provocatively. Keeping his attention is a whole 'nother story, but it's that simple at first. I'm not endorsing your dressing that way by any means. Guys are just that shallow at times. I'm not saying we're that simple-minded(Case in point: there's something provocative as well in not seeing everything either); there's more to guys than that, but I'm going to explain this single aspect of the male psyche.

It seems that women have a hard time identifying with this visual tendency or understanding why it is. Thus, I believe an analogy is in order: just as the pleasure of nose is in the smelling, the pleasure of the eye (for a guy) is in the seeing. So, for the nose, a flower's scent is its own justifiable pleasure. And, for the eye, a woman's face and figure have their own sense of pleasure for a guy.

I don't know if that helps clarify it at all. I welcome your thoughts!

I've been thinking about this because the last two days at work have been on a university campus, where school is just starting up again. It's still warm, so there are plenty of summer tans that need showing off. With construction workers, this is just fine!
For you ladies who aren't sure how you measure up with the guys, let me say that I've learned that even guys want a woman with more than looks. If I don't connect with her beyond the attraction, that's a bad deal; equally, if I connect with her but there's no attraction, that's problematic too. So, don't lose heart if you don't think you'll attract that one. It's all about the right combination; the right recipe you might say; and sometimes you just gotta cook it a little longer!

Anyways, hopefully that's a little insight for you!