The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Walk On

Well, I'm excited because I finally got the screening test for the job I'm vying for. It's been about a month, so I'm anxious to move forward. I've been looking for a job for over a year now since graduation. They say that it takes one month per $10K to land a job--I'm up to $130K! This job would be a great foot in the door and a step in the right direction in my opinion. It's really where I want to be, I just hope that Providence wants me there. I trust He will undertake for me accordingly.

Moreover, since my fiancee is moving there in mid-August, I need to have a job so I can move there too. She can't stand the thought of us being long-distance again. And for me, we need to be together in order that we continue to bring a normal perspective to our relationship. I don't really want to move there without a good job. I could take a temporary (read: bad) job, but that would be yet another blow to my already fragile job ego: after a year of searching for a 'real' job, your ego takes a beating. I'm really setting myself up for disappointment if I don't get this job. There are two others I've pursued, but none look so promising.

Of course, for the past year I've been stepping forward blindly--so whatever looks promising isn't normal: usually I can't see anything ahead.

Stand back and see what the Almighty will do!