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Six Stone Spires

Was travelling this weekend with my fiancee to see friends who are moving hours and hours away. I used to live near them and so travelled this route innumerable times driving home.

Alongside a 10-mile stretch of a two-lane highway between here and there, you might notice piles of rocks. 'Rocks?' you ask. Yes. It wouldn't be anything exceptional really, but these rocks are stacked precariously to a height of about 3 or 4 feet. Generally, it is a tower of 8 or 10 rocks balanced one on top of another.

Still uninterested?

There's not just one isolated instance of this, there's probably half a dozen strewn along these 10 miles. Quite forgettable.

But here's my theory. It's likely, even probable, that these half-dozen stone spires came into being completely apart from any outside force. Out of chaos, by chance. Imagine them to be tiny particles: quarks, neutrinos, leptons, etc. Each one perilously perched atop the prior. It seems logical and rationale to assume that over time these rock spires evolved: over time one rock and then another somehow (we do not know) came to rest upon its predecessor. And now, today, we blow past them at 60 miles an hour with nary a glance. For they really are quite unremarkable.

After all, what are the chances that six stone spires happened to birth within ten miles of one another?

Hardly worth blogging about.