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Constructing Callousness


Like everyone at one time or another I am aware of my deliquency on my blog. But I will not wallow in guilt as though the blog is a person who requires anything of me. 'Everything is permissable for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.'

I'm currently working construction. It's a job that's getting me by while I bide my time for the right job. I could be here forever, it sometimes feels like. I'm amazed at how these rough, chain-smoking, crass-speaking guys (for they aren't really 'men'--although they may look as such) can act like the iconic, stereotypical, gossipy girls. They are very backbiting, snippy, and sometimes vicious. They are proud, unable to admit fault in skill, knowledge, or fear. They maintain an uncracked veneer, and perfect facade.

But, when failures occur, mistakes come to light, how these worker sidestep and cover up. They excuse themselves somehow and tell as few people as possible only to have the others spread, gloatingly, the juicy, damning details.

You must not only have callous hands as a construction worker, but most also have callous souls.