The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Wanting Questions

It has been over a week, nearly two I bet, since I've posted. I feel empty of profound thoughts. Nobody wants them anyway. It seems no one wants answers these days. People say they do, but they don't. Everyone is strangely dissatisfied but settling for questions: it comes in the form of being enthusiastic about the questions. I think it is the open-endedness of questions. Questions leave the responsibility and commitment out of the picture. No one wants the finality of answers.

Answers demand action and response; no one is willing to step up to that.

I don't know why we think we are searching for anything; we just want questions. If we wanted answers, we would truly discover them, but in light of answers we have to live differently. No one wants to do that. We've found what we want: ourselves.

Unfortunately, even that, we've found, isn't what we want.