The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Running Until 2012

It barely turned over this morning, but I managed to get it started. It seemed determined to run. I was satisfied, but didn't seriously think it would leave me stranded at my internship--on the second to last day.

It did.

We tried jumping it, but didn't have great contact with the battery; I don't know why that matters: contact is contact. Still, in the same determined way it had this morning, it was equally determined to sit there. That's inconvenient when 20 miles take 45 minutes and it's rush hour.

After a half-hour in the 85-degree heat--glad I put my Alzheimer's-causing antiperspirant on--I wrangled the battery out. Fortunately, a friend was nearby heading home, and picked me up.

Took the battery in this evening, got it checked. It was bad. I still have some reservations, thinking it could be something else. Hoping not. I paid enough for the battery! It'll last until I'm 30--2012!

I'm planning on it!