The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

Choose You This Day...

Saturday Morning

I love these days. Nothing to do, options galore! Although, I have determined for the most part what I will do.

My sister however is paralyzed by choices today. She can't decide whether to stay home and work around the house--her own--or whether to go out and run errands, accomplishing things that way. That seems to be the story of many people. We're surrounded by variations in everything from our car configurations to the kind of milk we buy. Starbucks has some 19,000 combinations of drinks available. Burger King, though, says that's okay: 'Have it your way.' Even our religions, we believe, allow for choice. Hoobastank believes 'We're all going in the same direction.' Appraently. all roads lead to Rome in the case of religion these days.

So which one to choose.

In The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz argues that all these decisions add up to utter frustration and in the end dissatisfaction for everyone. That's ironic. More options allowing for more personalized service leaves us with so many decisions that we don't know whether we're getting the best for ourselves.

Take from it what you will. Perhaps this isn't true for you, but I would bet that in some way it is. I know that there are aspects of my life where the choices leave me anxious. How do you resolve it? Can it be fixed? Does it need fixing? I invite your thoughts about this.

My sister just reminded me: we have to decide what to do for our mom's birthday.

Wish me luck.