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The Weight of my Absence

Internship Day 5

It is my goal to leave a gaping wound at the publishing company when I'm finished. Not literally. I just hope to take on so much work that when I leave, those I'm helping have grown lazy and feel the weight of my absence.

This is, after all, what we seek. To leave a void and be missed when we're gone. It means that we meant something to someone and that our lives had significance. More serious, I had a good friend die a little more than a year ago. He was young, not even out of college. But there were 400-600 people at his funeral. One friend eulogized about how we tune to different frequencies like a radio to each relationship we have and how he would always scan past that frequency hoping against hope that he might hear something on that wavelength again. As I looked at each person in that church, I was amazed, thinking about if you could somehow add up all the voids left in each person by his death, how big an empty space it would be. I knew then, that his life nor his death had been for naught.

On a much more superficial and in no way disrespectful note...

In light of this effort, I'm diligently finishing each task, however small, as quickly as possible, forcing their hand to give me more important tasks. Thus far, it's been pretty menial work, and I want to really get my hands dirty.

Nonetheless, I'm thankful for the opportunity to see the inner workings of this industry. I've been attending some meetings where I understand very little and contribute less.