The Second Eclectic

Technology changes how we relate to God and each other

A Collection of Opinions, Naught

I want to offer answers, but I only have questions. I want to provide solutions, but they seem always to elude me. I am sure of many things, but unsure are far more.

I feel the weight of the world at times. I have to remind myself that its not my world to bear. It's been borne successfully by Another.

What do you do when you believe something, but what you hear and read tells you that everyone around you disagrees? Not only that, they fault you for believing that and offering it as a valid opinion. Are opinions respected anymore? Is mine? What happens when those opinions pertain to ideas about Truth?

I am willing to entertain questions, but it seems few are willing to accept answers. I want to offer hope, but I doubt anyone values my answers. For they are relegated to opinion, and because I am a collection of opinions--held in varying degrees--I am relegated to the same significance as my opinion, which is naught.

Yet I must strike out my concern for others decisions--which are opinions--about me, as they have me and mine. We must all give up that concern and seek the opinion, the value judgment of One.

There are many opinions but one Truth.